Community News

Announcing the new Chair and Vice-Chair for the North Fair Oaks Community Council!

Victor Gaitan

At the February 25, 2016 North Fair Oaks Community Council meeting, councilmembers voted to elect a new Chair and Vice-Chair to serve in the upcoming term cycle. We would like to congratulate Rafael Avendano and Mary Martinez on their new positions!

Rafael Avendano, newly elected Chair, is the Youth Program Director for the Siena Youth Center of the St. Francis Center. He has worked in and with the North Fair Oaks Community for several years and brings enthusiasm, charisma, and passion in everything he does. Outside of working at the Siena Youth Center, Rafael is also a student at the University of San Francisco pursuing his Master’s degree. He is a strong believer in community education, accessibility, and developing the future generation of leaders.

Mary Martinez, the newly elected Vice-Chair, has been a long-time resident of Redwood City and a very active member of the North Fair Oaks community. Mary is currently the Community School Coordinator at Fair Oaks Elementary School, and has a close connection to many families that live in North Fair Oaks. Her experience and commitment to the well-being of the community will be an excellent fit for her new position as Vice-Chair.

We would also like to thank the outgoing Chair of the Council, Linda Lopez, for her many years of service and leadership. Linda will continue to bring her wisdom and guidance as a Council member in the upcoming years.