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Parking in North Fair Oaks

Future Parking Lot Coming to Middlefield Road 

San Mateo County understands the challenges Middlefield Road faces with the lack of parking for their residents, business employees, business clients, and the rest of the public. 

The county has been determine to increase parking availability on Middlefield Road by exploring different ideas and listening the communities input. It is why we are excited to announce San Mateo County has purchase four adjacent parcels between Middlefield Road and 2nd Avenue that will help increase parking availability. The idea behind this purchase is to develop these locations into public parking that will benefit the North Fair Oaks community.

North Fair Oaks Forward has been doing outreach to businesses on Middlefield Road to better understand some of the struggles these business face with parking. We hope this new parking lot can improve their parking experiences as well as the rest of our North Fair Oaks community. Stay tune for further information and opportunities to get involve!